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The Villino Vitale: a history of interest  

Immagine01 046The Suites Farnese Design b&b is located at the second floor of the Villino Vitale, one of the rare original examples of Art Noveau in Rome, and it is numbered among the Capitol's list of historic and prestigious buildings. It is named after the owner, writer Felice Giacomo Vitale, who appointed the architect Arturo Pazzi to build a three-floor, XVth century style palace. The Villino was completed between 1903 and 1908, and it is situated in an ideal position: at a walking distance from famous Piazza del Popolo, just at the opposite side of the bridge on the river Tevere.

The Villino was then decorated by Duilio Cambellotti (1876 - 1960), famous artist, painter and poliedric designer, one of the most renowned and appreciated in the early XXth century.

He signed the frescoes running all along the building's roof line, representing doves in various attitudes, and the beautiful decoration of the tower, hand made majolica  elegantly painted with stylised swallows flying against the Roman blue sky.

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Likely enough, Giacomo Vitale never lived in the Villino, which was too expensive to build and maintain. That is why, during the last century, its halls and corridors witnessed a certain variety of accomodations: it was chosen as headquarter by banks, prestigious law firms, renowned artists set here their ateliers, it’s been a high school, and even a luxury brothel.

Today the Villino has returned to its original function: it is a private dwelling which hosts the Suites Farnese Design bed and breakfast, the ideal choice for an exquisite and pleasant stay in the heart of the Eternal City.